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"Amazing! I was almost pain-free after 4 weeks."

David (14) | Basketball athlete

The Osgood Schlatter Program

The Osgood Schlatter Rehabilitation Program was designed with one objective in mind: to help young adolescents & adults get rid of Osgood Schlatter's Disease and return to their athletic pursuits as quickly as possible. This comprehensive program is grounded in scientific evidence, validated by experts, and tested by thousands of athletes to ensure a healthy recovery and a speedy return to sports.

Dont' let Osgood Schlatter stop you

Road to Recovery

Our program is divided into three distinct parts: Redude Pain, Return to Sports & Back to Competition. Each stage is carefully crafted to ensure that you are making progress towards a full recovery.

Reduce Pain

Week 1-2

Reducing pain is something most Osgood Schlatter patients want. We focus on a series of stretches, milestone tests, and exercises designed to quickly alleviate your pain and discomfort.

Return to Sports

Week 3-6

Finally, you're ready to return to your sport! Our program includes a series of strengthening exercises, as well as regular milestone tests to track your progress and ensure you are on the path to a full recovery.

Back to competition

Week 7-12

Now it's time to get serious. Our program is designed to help you get your knee back to competition-level by incorporating a series of strengthening workouts, regular milestone tests, and ongoing pain evaluations.

Based on current evidence

50% Faster Recovery

With our scientifically-backed approach and proven track record, you can expect to recover 50% faster than athletes who don't follow a structured program.

80% Success Rate

We’ve seen impressive results when it comes to reducing pain with the Osgood Schlatter Program. Our athletes typically experience a reduction of up to 80% in pain after the first weeks of the program, and are completely pain-free upon completing the program.

What experts say

The program is a big step forward in the care of patients with Osgood Schlatter. For parents, it removes many uncertainties regarding this common knee problem. For children, the program is very easy to understand, clearly presented and exercises are easy to follow via video demonstration. Whether as a stand-alone or as a transition before or after physiotherapy, this is exactly what a health program should look like!

Dr. med. Patrik Noack

Health Performance Officer Swiss Olympic Team, CMO Swiss Athletics und Swiss Cycling

The Creators of the Program

Manuel and Sebastian, both skilled physiotherapists, specialize in treating children with Osgood Schlatter at a renowned Swiss sports rehabilitation center. With their compassionate approach and impressive track record, they've gained the trust of countless parents and healthcare professionals.

Manuel Hangarter

M.Sc Physiotherapy
Specialized in Sport Rehabilitation

Sebastian Cormier

Physiotherapist M.Sc
Sports Science B.Sc


Read what our customers say about the Osgood Schlatter Rehabilitation Program


Mother of 11 year old

"Thank you for creating an app that gives a young person the ability to take control, work hard and see results. It has been a game changer for my 11-year-old son who was diagnosed with OS last summer. He is now running and playing rugby again and I will be forever grateful for your help".


Rugby | 12

"Thanks guys. Your program helped my knee pain get better. After trying to push through the pain for months and getting frustrated with the PT`s, I was able to get back to playing rugby again"


Track & Field | 13

"I have been suffering from Osgood Schlatter pain for a year now. Doing the exercises, particularly the follow-along and partner exercises, have made it less boring for me. It helps me keep my spirits up as I continue to progress"

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